Karatbars Explained – Loyalty Bonus for Karat Affiliates


http://GetGoldNow.club to register for Karatbars today.

Karatbars International have a very powerful affiliate compensation program that rewards you for helping others to save in Gold.

This is how they have chosen to grow their business – via an affiliate network. When I joined the Karatbars business back in 2014 there was something like 60,000 customers and affiliates.
Today that number is closer to 600,000 and they are on track to achieve 1 Million customers and business partners by next year – 2018!

This is a very exciting time to join Karatbars and register as an affiliate – register and login to the back office of Karatbars and you’ll see just how many resources, tools and products are available to you!

This brief video talks about the Karatbars compensation plan in 2017 and how the loyalty bonus works for Karatbar afiliates.

To join simply go to http://GetGoldNow.club


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