Karatbars Corporate Presentation 2017 Karatpay Announcement


In this Karatbar corporate presented by CEO Harld Seiz and GM of Operations Thomas Brennar give an overview of all that Karatbars has achieved across 2017 and some the challenges they have had to face and overcome to allow them to successful service over 120 countries.

Some of the projects they have achieved in 2017 include;
– Karatbars Cash Gold – Paper notes with real physical gold in each note
– Karatbars Karatpay system – an alternative currency system backed by Gold
– K-Exchange Centers – a network of affiliated retailers who accept Karatbars gold, Cashgold and Karatpay in return for physical goods and services.
– Karat Faststart Program – allowing business partners to achieve a free upgrade for taking a few simple steps in the first 5 weeks
– Karatbars Bronze Business Package modifications- increased earnings and commission for low cost business package option that allows affiliates to make money faster with Karatbars.

Go to http://GoldisGoodForYou.com for more information.


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