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NuSkin MLM Business Reviewed


It's hard to come across an adult who hasn't heard of or been offered a NuSkin MLM business opportunity. This massive multilevel marketing company celebrates 25 years in business in 2009 which says volumes about it's legitimacy as an MLM company. But when you think about it-- is the company's success really any indication that ...

Persuasion Hypnosis: 3 Tricks on How to Write a Persuasive Article. (here is My Persuasive Sample Format)


If you have earned zero or very little affiliate commissions within 6 months, it means you are doing hard. But do not worry! Just apply the following tricks of writing persuasive articles that are often used by many gurus and internet marketers to skyrocket sales: 1.   Learn to write attention-grabbing headlines ...

Top 20 Global Marketing & Communications Mistakes


Although sometimes cringe-worthy, examples of global marketing bloopers are a useful means of appreciating that we are not all the same. For any company or business conducting a marketing campaign abroad they must take linguistic and cultural variations seriously. Below we have provided a top 20 Marketing & Communications Bloopers from across the globe.  1)   ...