How to Save in Gold

Karatbars Make it Easy & Affordable
to Own Gold

Since 2011 Karatbars International have been making gold affordable and accessible to average people around the world – in now over 130 countries in fact.

Their small denominations of gold in Cashgold, coins and classic cards mean that you can affordably and easily begin saving in gold each and every week.

Karatabars make it even easier in that they will optionally store your gold for you at no additional cost, or you can have it delivered to each, whenever you wish via secure Fedex delivery.

As an LBMA accredited manufacturer and distributor of fine gold products, the purity and value of Karatbars gold bars and coins will never be questioned. Their classic cards feature DNA / Blacklight and holographic security measures whilst the entire range of cards offer sophisticated anti-fraud holographic security technology.

The range of small denomination gold bars and coins available now from Karatbars International is just awesome. And now with the new cash gold initiative, denominations are even smaller. Karatbars was founded on their classic gold Karat gold card but now there are so many different cards to choose from!  Gifts cards to say I love you, happy anniversary, happy birthday, congrats on the new baby etc etc.

They also allow anyone to create a personalised “branded card”, so you up load your image and presto – you have a high value branded business card that no one would ever throw out! To see the full range of exciting Gift cards, collectibles and more available from Karatbars, click here: Karatbars International Shop 

Here’s an overview video showing just how easy and affordable it really is to buy Karatbars Cashcold, KCB coins and Classic Gold Cards in small denominations.

Revealed: The Shocking Truth About Money

The worlds current monetary systems have for the last few decades been paper based “fiat” currency systems. Every fiat based system (yes – every one of them since the Roman empire) has failed – ours simply must too
– it's just a question of when.

Fiat simply means the paper dollar note is no longer backed by gold as a standard, that sets its true value.

As in the case of the US dollar, the more money (currency) the government prints, the less value each dollar has.
We call this inflation and in the case of many other currency collapses in history can lead to hyper-inflation
– think having to take a wheelbarrow full of paper note money to the shops to buy a loaf of bread
(as was the case of in Zimbabwe in 2008-2009).

The currency system we have and that most people take for granted, has evolved over the past few hundred years with the initial creation
of “promissory notes” – bits of paper to hold and trade in return for having your own gold in keeping with a gold broker.

Later the banks did effectively exactly the same thing in that they held gold to balance the currency that they loaned out.
The notion of “fractional reserve banking” changed all of that – originally the factor they were allowed to use was just 9:1
– for every unit of gold held, they could “create” $9.  This ratio blew out to over 27:1 and beyond prior to the subprime mortgage failures and the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.
The problem with currency is not going to be solved by government forces or intention, so it really is up to us as individuals to prepare
and secure our own financial futures.

What is the Solution?

Harald Seiz, CEO of Karatbars International has a vision to help alleviate poverty and bring balance back to the distribution of wealth.

How to do this?

By making gold accessible in small denominations and making it easy to transfer paper based currencies into actual physical gold.

By allowing average people like you and me to buy and hold physical gold, and then making it easy to transfer and trade that gold in return for other products and services.

This effectively gives us an alternative currency solution and provides effective “money insurance” against currency collapse.
Harald is a man of huge integrity and vision and has grown the German based business rapidly over it's past six year history.

Whats more the focus this year is to roll out “K-Exchanges” which allows any retailer to accept Karatbars gold and crypto currency as payment for goods and services – Karatbars have also recently announced ATM's that will allow Karatbars to be changed into cash, gold and bitcoins.