Become A MLM Success Story

If you are a network marketer, then you will probably want to create a successful MLM business. Many networkers look at the success stories of MLM and want to be able to emulate them. The good news is that these successes are just regular people who learned skills that you can learn to.

The simple truth is that there is a large gap between people who want success but do not take the necessary steps and those who attain it. In other words, there are a lot of “wannabe's” in the business who never make it. So, what do the success stories of MLM do in order to be the winners they are?

1. Daily Habits. Successful network marketers are actively working on their business every day. How they do this, is different for everyone. Some may simply set a goal of two new prospects a day, perhaps by adding to new people to an opt-in mail list, face to face contact with two people who are interested in their story, adding new friends to social networking friend's list (e.g. on Facebook) or giving away free information such as a report, newsletter, or e-book download. These actions are not only easy to do, they are effective ways to build your MLM business over the long term.

2. Weekly Habits. The highest earning network marketers also act consistently to build their business on a weekly basis with scheduled weekly activities. These activities will differ from person to person. For example, some may choose to mail out one package a week to someone who they think would gain from hearing about their product or MLM opportunity. This can include a CD, free sample, pamphlets, or a book. This is a very effective way to let someone know you are in business without heavy selling. Regular, simple weekly actions can also generate a big payoff in the long run.

3. Monthly Habits. No matter what business you are in, to be successful you have to keep up to date and keep learning. MLM is no different. Leaders who succeed attend the monthly events sponsored by their organizations. These events are usually enjoyable and include dinners, lunches, seminars etc. They are designed to improve knowledge and prospecting skills as well as to encourage and motivate.

4. Self Improvement. The people who succeed in MLM are those who working to improve themselves. They take advantage of personal development resources such as books, Audios, DVDS, and participating in online groups etc. They tend to spend at least fifteen to thirty minutes every day on personal development.

5. Don't Quit. People who succeed in MLM know that success doesn't happen overnight. In fact, you may not see much happening for one, two or even three months. Successful network marketers know that MLM systems are designed to create exponential growth and the start up is always slow. They are fully aware that they have to be prepared to invest at least one year in building a new MLM business and they are committed to the process. They don't get distracted by every new opportunity that comes along.

6. Create an “Edge.” The most successful people in MLM are focused on maintaining a slight edge. They are well aware that it is easy to avoid taking the necessary actions for success. But they are also aware that those actions are equally easy to do if they are disciplined to do them. They choose to take personal responsibility for their success or failures in life and in business. Even if they can't see any immediate benefits from their daily actions, they are committed to doing them anyway because they know there will be long term benefits. The biggest MLM producers know that while 80% of their time may need to be invested in building their business, in the long run this will reduce to 20% of their effort and they will reap the benefits.

7. Have a Long Term View. Finally, the success stories of MLM are able to live outside their “comfort zone” for a period of time because they are aware that they will reap huge benefits in usually three to five years.

It is clear that people who succeed in MLM have a different approach to individual's who remain simply “wannabe's.” If you genuinely want to succeed in MLM, you can choose to follow the example of those who have succeeded and put yourself on the pathway to success.

Source by Kevin Sinclair

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