Persuasion Hypnosis: 3 Tricks on How to Write a Persuasive Article. (here is My Persuasive Sample Format)

If you have earned zero or very little affiliate commissions within 6 months, it means you are doing hard. But do not worry! Just apply the following tricks of writing persuasive articles that are often used by many gurus and internet marketers to skyrocket sales:

1.   Learn to write attention-grabbing headlines

At first sight, it may seem too hard to write hypnotic titles/headlines for your articles. But it is easier than you think if you know several persuasive words. Just search in google and you will find a lot. These persuasive words are the soul of Persuasion Hypnosis.

2.    Appeal to the emotions of readers

Do not forget the only truth that all buyers purchase products/services which are ideal to satisfy their emotional needs. So just persuade people that the product you offer is just what they need. Use emotional words and show benefits buyer can get from the product.  

3.   Use testimonials/success stories from famous people.

As you know, it is very hard to gain trust of virtual potential buyers among such a huge competition and plus a lot of scams. So it would be a great idea to add some testimonials or success stories from famous people. Tell your potential buyers some facts about how celebrities took advantage of the product.

For example, if you are writing an article about Hoodia then you may share an interesting fact how this product helped one/some of the celebrities to lose weight.

In this way, potential buyer will most likely buy from your affiliate link than others, as your information looks more persuasive and satisfying client’s emotional needs. This is the very Persuasion Hypnosis!!!

Now you know the main secrets on how to write a persuasive article. I always use the above mentioned persuasive sample format to write a selling article/review.   

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