Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

If you're looking for Wealthy Affiliate success stories from the Wealthy Affiliate University then you will not be disappointed. I have personally sifted through the Wealthy Affiliate private forum and have pulled out a selection of some of the most astounding testimonials from members that have truly inspired and shocked me. I am a member of this Internet marketing training program and I see success stories added daily.

The most common type of success story you will find inside the private wealthy Affiliate forum is the ‘1st Sale' post. Everyday, more and more members follow the action plan and make their first online sale. This is when the magic really happens. People realise that making money online is a real opportunity and not a scam or con. Members then add a little (or sometimes long) post to the success area of the forum to inspire other newbies to take action and create their own success.

I wrote my first Wealthy affiliate success story post in June 2009 and I haven't looked back since. Once you've made you're first online sale you just have to rinse and repeat. Build on your success and don't look back.

As much as I love to see the flood of ‘1st sale' Wealthy Affiliate Success stories that get added every week in the forum, my favourite kind of posts are the big ones. The success stories where people talk about their first year where they made insane amounts of money. These posts not only prove that internet marketing and Wealthy Affiliate work, but they prove that it can dramatically change your life if you really focus and work hard at it.

I'm not going to try to convince you that Wealthy Affiliate is perfect, there are of course some things that I believe could be improved. But these are minor points, and since the site is always improving I will be a member for many more years to come.

When I created my ‘Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories‘ free ebook I was astounded. Not only by the amount of money and success people were finding but by the generosity of those sharing their success. Some of those Wealthy Affiliate success stories contained clear step by step instructions on how to make big money with affiliate marketing.

I check the wealthy Affiliate Success forum everyday without fail as I know that these testimonials have conditioned me to believe that real success with internet marketing is inevitable as long as you follow the instructions, focus hard and don't give up.

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