What is the Real ACN Success Rate?

Before joining a business opportunity, its important for network marketers to research their companies of choice and determine what's really behind the glitz and glamor. Many network marketing companies put on a lot of talk about how much money can be made in their opportunity, simply by tapping into warm markets of family and friends.

But the unfortunate truth is that success rarely comes this way. The people who are truly successful in network marketing opportunities have downlines with thousands, or tens of thousands, of people.

The True ACN Success Rate – Does It Exist?

With the popular telecommunications company ACN, it's a good idea to research the success rate of the opportunity. Lately, the company has been featured on NBC's “Celebrity Apprentice” with an endorsement by Donald Trump. But does this mean that the level of success marketers can find at the company are high? Or is there simply a lot of hype around the company and its products?

Scouring the internet won't give reps a too many hard numbers about the actual success rate of ACN network marketers. Some claim that an ACN success rate of 1 in 200 is viable, but others dispute this as being far too low. Put simply, the company does not give out this type of information, and reps may never know what the real statistics are.

Evaluating the ACN Success Rate & Opportunity

It's even more crucial to evaluate the opportunity before joining ACN because the fee for joining (or the investment, as they say) is nearly $500. This covers some training, marketing materials, and access to rep-only resources. It's not a small fee to blindly join in on the opportunity.

One crucial activity before forking over an investment to ACN is evaluating your personal success rate. Have you been a network marketer before? What struggles did you find?

Finding Success With ACN

The biggest keys to success in network marketing include generating warm leads and being able to add several people into your downline daily. This is no easy feat, but it's possible to learn the skills and methods to achieve this type of success. Learning from experts is a great way to start – and oftentimes, it costs nothing to start your education. Mastering things like driving traffic, SEO, creating great opt-in pages, giving presentations and answering questions promptly and efficiently over the phone, and basic communication skills are all key to success.

There's no doubt that many people have succeeded with ACN in the past, in record numbers, and there is certainly no reason that you shouldn't, as well.

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