How do you find your passion, path, or purpose in life? Here’s a method that has…

How do you find your passion, path, or purpose in life? Here's a method that has helped me:

Start taking action on the small things that excite you from moment to moment and day to day. These things are the threads that will connect you to your larger passion, path and purpose in life.

BUT — and this is a big “but” — this process only works when you are truly honest with yourself about what genuinely excites you. There's a big difference between doing something that actually excites you and doing something that's just a convenient distraction from what you actually want to do. Learn to recognize the difference.

Truth is, it can be difficult for some people to face the things that genuinely excite them because they’ve ignored and suppressed them for so long. This isn’t surprising, since our society tends to equate doing what makes you happy with being selfish or lazy.

The more often you recognize and act on the small things that excite you, the more often you will be presented with larger and more exciting things to act upon. This is the formula for a magical life.

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