Powerful post from 1st Phorm CEO @AndyFrisella: “Life is not something that ‘hap…


Powerful post from 1st Phorm CEO @AndyFrisella:
“Life is not something that ‘happens' to you. It's something you create.
Your mind & focus are far more powerful than you could ever comprehend.
What you think about, dream about, talk about and focus on WILL BECOME YOUR LIFE. THIS IS A FACT.
It's also the exact reason some people seem to have one great thing after another ‘happen to' them while others have one bad thing after another ‘happen to' them.
Every single thing you touch, see, use…all the comforts & conveniences of your daily life were all once just thoughts.
Small ideas that once spoken aloud were most likely discouraged and laughed at.
And with every single one of these stories of discouragement and doubt a story of perseverance and success followed.
Look around you. You are surrounded by stories of massive success every single day of your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We were all meant to build our own success stories and share those stories including both the struggle and the success to show the next generation what is possible.
So as you sit there thinking about the life you wish to live and what you are attempting to accomplish…look around you and remember the only limits you have on your life are the ones you impose on yourself.
Your life is a result of your thoughts, dreams, conversations & focus…choose them carefully.”



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