karatbank coin best cryptocurrency 2018

Best Cryptocurrency Opportunity 2018

Karatbank Coins ICO

Best CryptoCurrency Opportunity in 2018

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2018 will be a very interesting year in the Crypto currency space.
Why do we say that the Karatbank Coin ICO with be the best cryptocurrency opportunity of 2018?

Yes, Bitcoin has seen a meteoric rise in value over the past 12 months in particular but my concern, and this is shared with many well known economic commentators, is the fact that a currency is entirely digital with no intrinsic value or no actual financial base as a backing is deeply concerning and why many say it simply is not sustainable.

Enter a New Era in Cryptocurrency
– The Digital Gold of the Modern Age.

The Karatbank ICO has just been formed with the sole purpose of making gold accessible to millions of people around the world.
And best to do that?  Couple a unique crypto currency with a physical coin that is backed by actual physical gold.

Unlike crypto-currencies, gold as a value of exchange has existed for over 4,000 years.

What that means is that is has several key attributes that makes it a potent combination to a portable digital currency and why in my humble opinion that the Karatbank Coin will be the best cryptocurrency opportunity of 2018. Those attributes that make gold an important part of this equation;

  • Trust – Gold is trusted and known globally
  • Limited Quantity – only a finite amount of gold will ever exist in the world
  • Stable value – physical gold has always held an intrinsic value and continues to appreciate in value

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Karatbank Coin – The Best Cryptocurrency of 2018

The Karatbank coin is the first coin that is physically linked to deposited gold.
Each coin represents a certain amount of gold that can be traded in at any time.
What also makes this the best cryptocurrency of 2018 is the fact they have implemented a type of security that is unique in the crypto world.

Just in launching phase, Karatbank is launching whats called an “Initial Coin Offering” or “ICO” for short.

During this initial phase the coins will be priced very cheaply and not only will you be able to purchase a crypto-currency for literally cents per unit but you can also receive up to 40% in bonus coins.

karatbank coin ICO

How will Karatbank Coin Cyptocurrency be Launched Around the World?

Because Karatbank has a cooperation with Karatbars International, they have instant reach to nearly 500,000 customers spread across the world in over 120 countries now.
This partnership and because of the fact that Karatbars are also rolling out a Retail network (called “K-Exchanges”) around the globe that enables both Karatbars gold and Karatbank Coins to be traded and exchanged for goods and services. This will ensure both the successful launch and inevitable rise in the value of the Karatbank gold coin crypto-currency.


The Vision behind the Karatbank Gold Coin and cyprtoexchange idea is a gentlemen Mr Harald Seiz.  Harald is the author of the book “The Future of Money”, CEO of Karatbars International and in

In 2016, he was awarded the Senatorial Degree by the Federal. Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA).

vision behind best cryp

Here's a video interview with Harald explaining the story and vision behind the Karatbank Coin – in German but with English

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