Karatbit Cyrpto Exchange Now Open!

Urgent Exchange News 

The www.karatbit.com exchange is opening around the world as I write this. It opens at 00.01am on the 1st of November depending on your IP address. So it is already open in New Zealand! 
There is a brilliant promotion where you can get $500 of KCB for free but the offer is only open for 36 hours. 
It is designed to get everyone using the exchange immediately and to get volume on the exchange quickly. 

This is how the offer works. 
You just have to load your account with $500 of any crypto or cashgold to get $500 of KCB for free. 
You must have the Crypto/cashgold loaded to your account by noon CET on 2nd November. 
The $500 of KCB will be loaded to your account on 3rd November.

Easy Enough But Let Me Talk You Through IT  
REMEMBER: We log in to www.karatbit.com with our Karatbars.com / karatgold.sgusername and password. 
It is the same username and password for all three websites.
Anyone who registers on one site appears in your downline of the other two! They share the same database. 
“But I don't Have Cryptocurrency?” 
If you do not have any Cryptocurrency the easiest thing to do is to buy €500 of cashgold and load it to your ewallet. 
Do it today!
Please don't leave it until the morning on the 2nd November to get your cashgold. If you get locked out or hit a problem we will have no time to fix it.
Get your cashgold today and have it in your Ewallet BEFORE the exchange opens tonight. 
Follow these steps…
1. Login to Karatbars.com 

2. Click  HERE to buy 13g of cashgold with credit/debit card/Bitcoin3.

Load it to your Karatpay ewallet  HERE  That's it.. Basically double your money in 24 hours! Not often you can do that!

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