K1 Impulse Phone

The K1 Impulse Phone is the first voice over blockchain smartphone.

Highly secure with encrypted voice communications and document transfer, the K1 impulse redefines personal security and anonymity.

The below video is the latest official announcement about the K1 Impulse Smartphone by Karatbars CEO Harald Siez – in this same video he talks about the launch also of Cash Exchange Machines – CEM's – these are a new era of traditional ATM's that allows consumers to exchange paper based currency in to actual physical gold – cashgold – absolutely brilliant – this will change the way we think about currency exchange in the future.

The K1 phones will be a vital part of the Karatbar “Ecosystem” – allowing funds to be transferred securely around the world.

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Privacy Is The New Order!

The all new Impulse K1 Phone introduces a new level of security and functionality previously unavailable to users.
The most secure mobile phone currently available.
Because it is the first mobile phone using Voice over Blockchain Protocol– calls between these phones can never be intercepted or “hacked” !

The same goes for online data security and online monetary exchanges.

And it's not just the Voice over Blockchain protocol that makes these phones so secure, the K1 has a host of other security features including;

-Fingerprint Scanner
-PIN Lock
-Face ID Access
-Password Lock
-WORM Guard

We believe this the only way to rebuild trust in the telephone-based worldwide communication system.
With the all new Impulse K1 Phone you can settle back and feel protected about your personal and business security.

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