The K1 Impulse is the worlds first Voice over Block Chain smartphone.

Anyone that values privacy in terms of voice and data over cellular networks will appreciate the value that the K1 Impulse provides to users. Calls between K1 phones are fully encrypted so cannot be hacked or snooped upon as is the case with today's cellular networks. They have already sold 25,000 in presale stage and the K1s will begin shipping in September.

Organisations like sport recruitment, sporting clubs, security firms, corporations and commercial operators that cannot afford the possibility of hacking are amoungst those that are buying these phones in bundles.

With the ability to use standard SIM cards as well means that you can still use the phones to connect to other networks but with an ongoing operating cost of only $6 per month, you have not only a highly secure smart phone but also a very cost effective communications tool.

There are so many extraordinary features, probably easiest to watch the short over video here that explains more about the technology but also how you can get free crypto currency bundled with your new K1 phones!

Forbes Magazine recently listed the Karatbars K1 Impulse Smartphone as 1 of the top ten block chain projects of 2019;

Forbes Block Chain Article

To purchase the amazing K1 Impulse simply go to the Karatgold website (linked below), register a free account and then select the K1 package you want in the Products section.

Download the K1 Impulse Specifications

Register Here: – K1 Signup and Registration