Perfect Timing!!

Karatbars is first and foremost a gold company and gold is rising fast again for the first time in several years! There has not been a better time since 2013 to start introducing cashgold ATM's into the market!
People are talking about gold and want gold and we have it to give them. Everything is coming together perfectly after the stormy few months we have had! 
If you want the rainbows you have to put up with the rain! 
Well the rain is over and its time to enjoy some rainbow time. 

Only A Few Weeks Left Of These Great Offers  

We are coming to the end of the chance to get coins at a reduced price or completely free with a phone or CEM. (Cashgold Exchange Machine) 
Business status now free with every phone purchased!! Silver, Gold and VIP! 
As a seller the headline offer has to be..

Sell 1 x CEM and receive €23,700 of KCB! Plus your normal units and €790 commission!
Log in to and you will find these offers under “Product Purchase” 

Be Prepared!
This is my seventh September with Karatbars and I know what you need to do to prepare..If you are successful them so am I. It's in my best interests to help you. 
1. Make sure to have your package and the maximum business status you can afford. 
2. Make sure you have your replicated copy of
3. Do whatever you need to do to ensure that at least three people every day have watched your presentation. Online, offline whatever. This is the “job” the “work” part that no one wants to do! 
Keep a list and remember do NOT talk about the products or company. I do that in the video. Your ONLY job at the start is to make sure they watch the video. The people who invite the most prospects to a company presentation always make the most money in any direct sales company. 
4. Subscribe to our team Youtube channel and all the officialKaratbars Facebook, Instagram etc channels.

5. Log in to every day and check the latest news 
If you do those same simple things every day you cannot fail. It is mathematically and statistically impossible. 
Then once your team is growing you can STOP asking people to watch your video and help your team repeat the process. This is your “promotion” 🙂 .. You can stop recruiting now. 

I'll leave you with this thought!
I hated recruiting, I hate recruiting, I hated asking people to watch my presentation….
You only need to do the “job” part until you have found a few leaders who want to build and then you can help them. 
That recruiting part may take you three months or three years but that is up to you
The idea of network marketing is not to be a salesperson for the rest of your life. It's about building an organisation and achieving a weekly residual income so you don't need to worry about money and can do the things you enjoy in life. 
Have a wonderful weekend…
Get ready for a big few months ahead…  !