Good morning and greetings from a sunny but cool Gisborne New Zealand. 

I've been with Karabars for over 5 years now and I have seen huge transformations and growth with this company. I was introduced to the organisation completely by accident when working on a loyalty card program here in New Zealand, I stumbled across and was working with Brian McGinty who was involved in a similar loyalty program in the UK.

Brian is now one of the key people in the organisation and his “no fluff no BS” approach is what I love.The loyalty programs went no where and after spending about 7,000 hours in the development f that product, for nothing – I walked away empty handed. 

However, I see that as a blessing – as otherwise I may not of ever heard of Karatbars. 

If you know anything about the banking industry and the way the monetary system currently works, you'll know that they (the banks – the “system”) have no interest in your financial success at all – we are born in a system of debt and enslaved with the notion that money is hard to make and even harder to hold on to. 

Karatbars mission is to change all of that. 

We want people around the world to own and trade in physical gold as opposed to valueless paper based currencies giving people control of their own financial destiny. I've had lots of money over the years and lost it, several times over……

I made more mistakes before I was 30 than most people get to make in a lifetime. 

However, today I'm focused on sharing the Karatbars message to help others achieve financial security AND build a weekly passive income at the same time. 

From their beginnings in manufacturing and selling currency grade gold products, Karatbars has now grown into the area of gold backed crypto currency, the own two gold mines and have launched their on digital currency exchange. They are poised to become one of the major players in international currency exchange and the redistribution of wealth more fairly around the globe – why you you not want to be part of that? 

Until September 4th you can purchase a K1 Impulse phone that Karatbars have developed as the worlds first Voice over Blockchain Protocol smartphone and receive with that a bundle of free KCB crypto currency. 

Package 3 even includes VIP membership within Karatbars as well which means you will be positioned to earn the highest commissions available.  

I've just posted a new page on my blog that outlines the features of these phones and the nature of this offer – please go to to learn more. 

If you want the latest update from Brian in terms of how all this works together now and in the future check out the video at 

If you have trouble understanding any of this, feel free to reach out to me. I implore you to take the time to watch these videos and take action – now is the best time to get involved! 

To your future success 

Regards Darren Hart 

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