Tips For Internet Network Marketing By Email: The Subject Line

Without a doubt, it takes a lot of work to create Internet network marketing campaigns and track those campaigns' results. Many people think that owning an online business is not real work. You know that is one big myth.

Email campaigns are still a popular way to market and yet most email is put directly into the trash unopened and unread. To improve the odds that your email will be opened, read and responded to, you can incorporate the tips on improving the subject line that are found in this article into your own email campaigns.

How To Improve An Email Subject Line

Your subject line needs to attract the reader and arouse curiosity about the contents of the email. You will not do anything but incur the wrath of the reader if you lie or exaggerate. Stay away from subject lines that have nothing to do with the contents of the email.

Nobody likes to be yelled at so make sure you TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK AND AVOID WRITING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It has a harsh, jarring effect that will not put your reader in a good frame of mind and will certainly do nothing to build a trustworthy relationship between the two of you.

Be generous with your freebies. When giving away a freebie, start your subject line with “free.” Be positive that your readers will find the freebie worthwhile and of value to them.

Using the word “stop” also attracts attention. Once you have the reader's attention, it is your job to use a pithy subject line to get them to open the email. People are trained to obey the word stop, so use it to your advantage, but remember – no lying.

Posing a question to your reader is another way to automatically call attention to your email. Things like “Do You Want To Slim Down By Summer?” or “Are You Looking For ______?” are two simple examples of questions.

Starting the subject line with the reader's name is a sure way to get your subject line noticed. People really do respond to things much more favorably if their names are used. Be sure that you enter the variable field correctly.

Authenticity is paramount. Be ethical in each of your Internet network marketing campaigns. Send worthwhile, usable freebies that are immediately useful. That way your list will learn to trust you and know that email with your “from” address will hold something really valuable for them. Your goal is to build a loyal, responsive list that has feelings of goodwill toward you.

Source by Josh Cope

How To Build A Downline

When I first started out in my network, I have gone through a hell of a ride. The struggles that I had to put up with was unimaginable – I had to deal with managing people, motivating them, doing many ‘favors’ for my downline as well as enduring the dreaded attrition rates even after my downlines promised me that they will ‘follow me off a cliff’.

After going through so many trials and errors, I am glad to say that I’ve mastered the art on how to build a downline and how I can minimize my mistakes that one can make on the way towards network marketing success.

One reason why people fail to build a proper downline is not because they fail to recruit or sponsor people but rather because they just don’t know how to keep them. It’s like dating and marrying someone quickly and getting a divorce in 6 months time (or earlier just like celebrity marriages). We don’t want that kind of problem in our network marketing now, don’t we? We want to build a solid, long term business and the most important thing we need to do is focus on building strong relationships.

Your downline are human beings – each individual is different from one another. Don’t expect every one of them to be a super talker. Some are shyer and prefer to do things quietly in the background. Others are more proactive and they don’t want their upline bossing them around – they prefer to do things their own way while others need a little push or constant motivation in order to get things going.

The most important thing you need to do is to understand what personality quadrant your downline comes from. They could be a:

– Promoter who loves to talk and talk and show others how good they are
– An analyzer who might prefer to do online recruiting on the Internet
– A controller who does things their own way and orders his or her downline to do things the way they want.
– A supporter who befriends others and wins over others through friendship and building rapport.

Once you understand what people are like, you will be one step towards building a good downline – by understanding how people work. Don’t expect a promoter to constantly sit in front of a computer without anyone to talk to. Don’t expect an analyzer to be the center of attention in a gathering because they could be shy. Don’t boss a controller around – you are hindering him or her from doing their job. And don’t expect supporters to be confrontational people and deal with difficult people.

Building a downline is an art more than a science and it cannot work if you apply a cookie cutter method.

Source by Jaz Lai

20 Ways To Use Promotional Products, Branded Apparel And Corporate Gifts

Make the most of branded promotional products by including some of these great ideas in your marketing and sales activities :

1. Wear It With Pride – Apparel is so visible and versatile for staff or team uniforms, golf and sports days and event merchandise.

2. This is For You – A Gift With Purchase this strategy is an effective way to increase sales and profile for your brand and creates an incentive for buyers to purchase immediately.

3. Make Headlines – Media Kit – Add pizzazz to your media kits by using a branded box, printed ribbon and a themed gift to make a memorable impact.

4. It's In The Mail – A promotional item that bulks out a direct mail piece creates curiosity and ensures your mail is opened. Select a useful promotional item to suit and appeal to your recipients and links with your message.

5. Fundraising – charities use promotional products very successfully to raise funds and awareness of a cause. Promotional products are also ideal for schools and sports teams. They enable creativity and provide supporters with a memento to further cement the fundraising message.

6. Say Thanks – Recognise employee achievements and show appreciation to valuable clients and supporters with a corporate gift.

7. Just Teasing – Include lightweight ‘teasers' in your staff or client incentive programme. They keep motivation and interest high through the campaign and can be themed to match your travel reward destination or key message/objectives

8. Build Brand Identity and Loyalty – Longevity is one of the appeals and benefits of promotional products and enables time to build connection as promotional products that are useful to recipients are used.

9. Event Merchandise build a following by creating ‘Official Merchandise' for your band, sporting team, theatre production, cause or event.

10. Meet With Conference Success Conference supplies such as satchels, lanyards, pillow gifts, notepads and pens are essential elements. They also help to add funding by enabling sponsors to receive profile by branding with their logo/message.

11. Build Corporate Culture happy employees reduce turnover and sick days and build a positive atmosphere.

12. You're A Winner – competitions always attract attention and you can use branded merchandise as your prize, themed to your industry.

13. Sports Days – Build team spirit – whether it is a company event, part of a conference to involve delegates or a local surf, cricket or other club. Use apparel, hats, towels, Frisbees and sporting equipment.

14. Sales Call ‘Leave Behinds' – a confectionery or other treat adds a finishing and memorable touch to a meeting or sales call.

15. Trade Fairs / Exhibitions – make sure your stand is remembered. Use a promotional item to hand out to exhibition visitors.

16. Community Activities – involvement in the local community can include sponsorship and participation in local activities and celebrations. Promotional products help your involvement and exposure via handout treats, show bag inclusions, drink bottles, T-shirts, balloons, stickers, confectionery and snack packs.

17. Safety First – high visibility gear reduce accidents in a work place. Branded vests and jackets are popular in factory and warehouse environments. Safety gear such as medical/first aid kits, lights, warning signs for cars, sunscreen and shades and even apparel with reflective inclusions for cycling, can be branded.

18. Public Interest and Educational Messages – Promotional products such as badges, stickers and novelties help to raise awareness and convey important public interest and messages of education by Government, Council, Charities and other Organisations.

19. Promote your Cyberworld Use stickers, badges, pens, post-it notes to promote your website or blog.

20. Increase Visual Impact – Add your logo and create prime ‘real estate' by using market and rain umbrellas, banners and large window stickers to feature your branding.

+ Everyone loves FREE STUFF

Source by Thrive Promotional Products

World Ventures Dream Trips, vacation of a lifetime?

World Ventures Dreamtrips sells for $199.95 up front and $24.99 a month.  This product is described as taking the bulk buying concept of Costco and applying it to travel; in short it’s a monthly membership that gives the member access to discounted vacations.  At the time of writing there were 68 vacations listed on the schedule of available vacations.

So is it worth it?  It would be an impossible task to research all of the 68 vacations currently being offered to determine value but our research showed that they do in fact provide vacation pricing that cannot be matched anywhere else online.  One of the price comparisons I researched as a test was for a Jamaica vacation at the Grand Lido Braco.  For two adults this vacation cost $890 via the World Ventures Dreamtrips product and Travelocity came in at $1050.  Another example I researched was a Cabo San Lucas trip to the Riu PaIace.  For two adults this vacation cost $758 via Dreamtrips product and Travelocity came in at $950.28.  There were some more extravagant trips that could not be easily compared because they would not show pricing unless you were a member and others were hard to compare because the Dreamtrips included extras that could not be purchased via the normal online booking engine.

Looking at the numbers it seems most consumers would recover their World Ventures Dreamtrips membership investment with the money they save by taking their first “Dreamtrip”.  Please be aware that this was by no means an exhaustive investigation as we only priced 2 of the 68 Dreamtrips available at time of writing, but based on this analysis, it seems that families taking at least one decent vacation a year would see the value out of their membership.

WorldVentures LTC (Leisure Travel Consultant) package sells for $199.95 up front and $24.99 a month.  The best description for this product would be an online travel “business in a box”.  This includes an online retail travel website, online travel tutorials and exam, along with opportunities for higher level travel industry training.

Evaluating the legitimacy of the World Ventures LTC product is a little tougher as it is not as much of a retail product for end consumers but rather the training, tools and systems to market to end consumers. To this end it looks as if they have the gamut covered pretty well.  I was particularly impressed by the Rovia search engine that powers the retail travel websites of LTC’s.  In doing an airfare search I was surprised to see that they also check Southwest airlines.  Because I actually needed to book the travel I was researching I ended up booking the airfare and had no issues with the fulfillment. There is also a “Match or Beat” price guarantee for online bookings against Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity.  After using the booking engine and seeing how it searches all the other booking engines I can start to see how the marketing claims of not needing to go anywhere else could be very true.  We have recently added a video review comparing WorldVentures Rovia to the competition on an airfare search as well as a cruise vacation search.

WorldVentures Scam Claim: WorldVentures LTC product is essentially a travel agent “card mill”

Travel agents have been hit especially hard in the past 10 years as more and more travel continues to be booked online.  In this same time frame several network marketing companies have made a failed attempt to take advantage of this shift.  Most are not around anymore and left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people because they were not delivering any true value. Instead, they were operating what is commonly referred to in the network marketing based travel industry as a “card mill”.  This is a situation where a networking company sells a travel agent package similar in description to WorldVentures LTC product but in reality it’s just a cheap plastic card designed to give the holder discounts as if they were a licensed travel agent.

I am happy to say that there is no sign that WorldVentures has gone this route with the LTC product.  I cannot find any reference to a travel agent discount card anywhere in their marketing material.  Further verification with WorldVentures agents has confirmed that you cannot obtain this card until making an industry standard of travel sales along with training and certifications similar in nature to what traditional travel agents must undergo.

We've barely gotten started with our review of World Ventures Dream Trips, check out the rest.

Source by Shawn Cornett

Is Vemma A Fraud Company?

Talking about a highly reputable liquid supplement in the network marketing industry, Vemma is popularly known for this. Bk Boreyko, the man behind the huge success of the $1 billion dollar company called New Vision added Vemma into his latest business enterprise in the field of health and wellness. Despite of the kind of success that Vemma has brought to Bk, there are still many questions that arise from the aspiring entrepreneurs if Vemma will truly bring them to the peak of success similar to the people who founded it.

Vemma has a strong financial backing, considering the outrageous success of New Vision in such a little time and a leader who definitely has the great knowledge in bringing top notch results in customer satisfaction. This credible background should bring confidence in the hearts and minds of the potential distibutors.

Despite of the tough competition going around, Vemma will definitely be always around. There are three staple offers from Vemma's product line and each of this appeals to a different, gainful demographic.

Firstly, Vemma is a liquid supplement filled with the best quality ingredients and is one of the greatest choices when it comes to nutrition and flavor. Vemma's pride is its high levels of antioxidant and amongst any drink, this has the most bio-availability. Now what is it? The bio-availability of something verifies its readiness to be taken up and be used by our bodies.

Secondly is their venture into the competitive ‘energy drink' market. Vemma offers a healthier alternative to the high sugar, fast crashing drinks such as Monster and Red Bull with their own Verve. I have actually tried Verve, and I have to say it did give me a boost in energy, and doesn't have ANY of the ingredients that have long term negative effects on the body. The product rocks, and did $20 million dollars since its introduction in 2007.

Vemma is marketed for adults young and older trying to maintain their healthy body function, or get healthy with the assistance of the ultra powerful formula. Verve is marketed to the rabble of teenagers who are exposed to tons of unhealthy choices daily. Finally Vemma offers its third product, for children ages 2-12 called ‘Next'.

Next contains an ounce of the formula that Vemma has, and also nutrients that are particularly created for growing children. Essential nutrients are found in it such as phytonutrients which come from organic fruit and vegetables, DHA which contains high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, KNOWN to support in the brain and eye development.

Anybody who turns to the product line of Vemma can witness the company's market credibility in offering tremendous products to all ages. For a Vemma distributor, the most important point to keep in mind is to stay in the similar fashion, being certain to increase on their marketing BECAUSE the company has something in store for all. If a disrtibutor is very much determined to follow this, not only it will benefit him but also other people who want to get better on their nutritional lifestyle and at the same time, offering huge business opportunities to those who yearns for it.

Source by Justin Luna

Different Types of Articles

When writing articles, many wonder what type of articles they should write.  Were you aware that there are different types of articles?  There are!  There are actually five different types of articles: the story article, the personal experience article, the tips article, the facts article, and the recommendation article. Let's go through each type.

The story article is exactly how it sounds. It is to tell a story that may or may not be from the experience of the writer. The story may be fact or fiction, but will most often be about someone else's experience. The trick is to keep the reader interested.

The personal experience article will obviously be about you and an experience that you yourself had that relates to your niche market in some way. For example, “How I Stopped Smoking” would be a personal experience article.

The tips article is just that, providing tips to the audience on a particular subject, such as how to quit smoking or how to remove a stain from the carpet. The tips may be in a numbered or bulleted format, and the title should include how many tips that will be expressed, such as ten tips on how to stop smoking now.

The facts article shares to the audience an article that is based purely on proven facts for content. As an example, “What Smoking Does to Your Body” would be an article based on facts one researches in the medical science field to provide content backed with scientific proof.

And finally, there is the recommendation article. When writing a recommendation article you must be very careful. Recommendation articles are to recommend or promote a product or service, but the article content must maintain and informative nature. If you are recommending a quit smoking patch for instance, the article cannot be ‘salesy' in nature. It must only provide information. You might inform of the problems with skin irritations with certain patches, and use only facts or your own personal experiences with this certain patch in comparison to others.

When writing ezine articles, article marketers often combine the different types of articles into one. As long as you keep your article from running over 750 words you will keep the interest of your reader. Choosing the correct article type that you need to convey your message is the most important thing to get your readers to your website.

Source by Michael McGhie

Pay Per Click Marketing Secrets

Pay Per Click Marketing also known as PPC is a service provided by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN. There are other lower tier search engines which also allow you to advertise in the same fashion, however, I would recommend staying with the 3 main search engines because the traffic is generally better.

If you're looking to master Pay Per Click marketing, its important to understand that creating PPC campaigns is just 1 cog in the chain of Internet Marketing. There are many factors leading to conversion. For now, lets look at how we can get a good quality score for individual keywords.

1. For tracking purposes, it is a good idea to have 1 keyword per ad group. That way, when a keyword converts for you, you will be able to know which adgroup it was that lead to the conversion.

2. When bidding for keywords, you can generally follow the 1% rule. This is because, it can take about 100 clicks before you make a sale. Therefore, ending a keyword too early after 2 or 3 clicks may not be a good idea. If you find that you're biddig to high for a keyword, its better to either let go of it, or if this is a good keyword, then build a good site with matching theme for that keyword. This will lower the cost per click.

3. Try searching for offers where you can get free $100 credit to test Adwords. You may find that Adwords is expensive, but if you can construct good landing pages, paying just $0.01 per click is very lucrative and can easily earn $100s of dollars in profits daily.

Good keyword, as well as some competitor research is key before embarking on a Pay Per Click campaign.

Source by Sherman Choo

Alpine V Review- are Charity and Mlm a Good Fit?

Alpine V has arrived on the mlm scene and joined the ranks of other network marketing companies touting exotic, nutrient dense “super” beverages. Companies have already given us “mega” drinks such as Acai, Goji, and Noni, but the folks over at Alpine V say that Alpine V blows them all away!This article will not only review the drink, it will scrutinize the business opportunity as well.

So exactly what is Alpine V ? It is a drink derived from a combination of 4 ingredients. The ingredient that packs the most nutritional “wallop”is derived from the Alpine Sandthorn Berry. These tasty little guys claim to contain 190 bioactive nutrients, and the entire roster of omega fatty acids!The other 3 ingredients are watermelon, Guanabana, and Pomegranate. The manufacturers claim that Alpine V is less diluted, more scientifically validated, and better tasting than the competition. I must say that i tasted Alpine V, and it is really quite good!

The company is based out of Ogden, Utah. The company founders are three fitness buffs; Mike haynes, Lonny Stanford, and Cade Napierski. I checked out their profiles, and all have ample business experience. Much of their experience revolves around product development, business consulting, marketing, advertising and product promotion. Only one of the founders, Cade Napierski appeared to have much network marketing experience. The philosophy of the company claims to be focused on helping and supporting distibutors. New distributors are equipped with a personal website and backoffice. Some tools are provided, if a distributors wants all the tools, they must pay an additional 15.00 a month.

Alpine V charges no distibutor fees to get involved with the company. New distributors are only required to purchase 2 bottles of the product. The compensation plan is a uni-level that goes an impressive 10 levels deep, and pays out an equally impressive 55%. Distributors are eligible for a variety of bonuses early on, which creates quick cash flow. To insure that maximum commissions are earned by the hard working distributors, the pay plan features forced compression and a shared breakage bonus.

In conclusion, Alpine V is an exciting company with a possible fatal flaw. Almost no mlm company that features only one product succeeds for the long term. Alpine V will have to add products on a routine basis to survive in such a competitive industry. Also, distributors will have to learn how to leverage the Internet to recruit prospects. Renegade University offers excellent, FREE training in the new art of attraction marketing. The membership website offers step-by-step video tutorials on how to brand yourself on the Internet to attract prospects to you. Check it out!

Source by Michael Hutchins

Top 5 Myspace Marketing Tips for Businesses on a Budget

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand we live in a social networking world.

Businesses of all sizes have quickly caught on to the importance of having a presence at websites like MySpace and Facebook for a number of reasons.  From the sheer volume of traffic these sites attract to the demographic diversity of their users, smart marketing professionals consider social networking a significant part of their branding efforts.

Contrary to popular belief, having a substantial presence at a site like MySpace, for example, doesn't necessarily require a substantial budget. As a matter of fact, there are a number of easy-to-follow marketing tips businesses can follow to have a commanding MySpace presence, for pennies on the dollar.

1.  Create a MySpace Layout that showcases your business.

A clean and attractive MySpace layout that includes your company name and a description of your products and services is essential in marketing yourself to the MySpace crowd.

When you consider that one of the most popularly searched phrases on the Internet today is “MySpace Layouts”, you'll understand just how important this tip is.  Aside from the popularity of social networking itself, the second fastest growing trend is customization, or the art of being able to decorate your profile with cool layouts, backgrounds, pictures, graphics and video and music applications that convey your likes and dislikes and, in essence, your overall personality to the friends who visit your page.

It's no different if you're a business.  Posting a layout to your MySpace page, one that clearly conveys who you are and what you do, speaks volumes to the people visiting your profile – people who may very well become your customers.

Look online to find websites that offer custom layouts and incorporate your company's information and graphics into the elements of your layout design, including backgrounds, extended network banners and boxes within the layout such as contact tables.  Whatever you do, keep it simple. Cluttered and confusing layouts lose their branding effectiveness.

2.  Add MySpace friends who fit the demographic profile of your customers.

MySpace has a nifty feature that allows you to browse for friends by age, gender and relationship status.  Use this tool to locate friend prospects that fit the demographic profile of your target customers and reach out to those prospects with friend requests.  When you add friends who you believe will be most interested in learning of and receiving information about your products and services, you increase your chances of gaining new customers through targeted marketing.

Be sure to communicate important company news such as discounts and special deals or the launch of new products and services to your MySpace friends as often as you can, in a reasonable manner.  Keep in mind MySpace has safeguards in place to prevent spamming.

3.  Work your MySpace profile.

Having a MySpace profile that features your business is one thing, “working” that profile so it works for your business is something completely different.

Assign someone within your company to manage your profile on a daily basis.  It's important that they add friends, post comments, post bulletins, write blog articles and send and receive messages. Don't assume that by creating a MySpace profile, millions of people will find you.  The art of social networking is just that – networking socially within a site like MySpace by reaching out, making friends and interacting with those friends as often as possible.

Also, aside from foul language or inappropriate content, don't be afraid to allow people to post public comments about your organization on your MySpace page.  A big draw for social networking is the ability to be real, to speak your mind and say how you feel.  If you allow only positive comments about your business to be posted, you lose credibility.  But if you allow people to speak their minds, you gain credibility while learning a lot about your customers – and your business – in the process.

4.  Let your MySpace friends become your own marketing army.

Certain MySpace customization websites like ( for example, now offer a service where they will create layouts and other designs, such as backgrounds, extended network banners, contact tables, graphics, glitter graphics and flash widgets, that feature a particular business, product or service (in this case, up-and-coming bands).  These designs, showcased prominently throughout, are available for free download to any MySpace, MyYearBook, Xanga, Friendster or Virb user. 

Not only do participating bands get excellent marketing exposure at, they get excellent marketing exposure from the various social networking users who customize their profiles with the band's layouts.  Aside from bands, virtually any type of small or large business can take advantage of this service.

Bottom line – by offering free MySpace designs that feature your business, your MySpace friends, and MySpace users in general, become your very own marketing army.

5.  Use MySpace Ads.

MySpace Ads, similar to Google AdSense, allows you to promote your business by targeting your advertising to MySpace users for a fraction of the cost of traditional online advertising.

MySpace Ads is an online advertising program available through MySpace that allows you to create ads featuring your business, target those ads to a specific group of MySpace users you choose based on demographics information, spend only the money you want based on your budget, and then closely monitor the performance of your campaign with detailed reporting provided through your MySpace Ads account.

Depending on the size and specifications, you can use your own ads or use MySpace's pre-made ad templates and you never pay more than the budget you originally determine at the outset of the campaign, according to the company.

Businesses on a budget should consider MySpace Ads as an affordable online advertising alternative.

Source by Jennifer Lange

How To Write Leads For Feature Articles

Writing the lead is one of the most important parts if any feature writing. Even in a news story and editorial writing, the lead is always the center of attract when busy people are going to read such a news report, editorial writing or a feature story.

But writing a feature article is way too different for news and editorial writing. Same goes in writing a lead. The lead is the first paragraph in your passage. It contains direct and specific information about the issue or topic that you are writing. The lead needs to be written effectively so that you readers can decide properly to read the whole article that you wrote.

A strong lead is crucial to a well-written feature. When you turn that page to a specific title, the way the leads usually determines the mood of the article, apart from introducing the subject to the reader. Writers need to learn how to write a better lead. The following reminders will help you on how to write one effectively:

When To Write Leads

Of course, the majority always answer to write the lead first bore jumping to your articles body. Although, there are some people who are comfortable in writing the lead after they had finish the whole article. That means, they wrote the lead of their article lastly.

Most writers always compose the lead first. In fact, I know quite a few who couldnt proceed to composing the rest of the piece until they are able to put a satisfactory one together.

It makes sense to write the lead first, as it usually defines how the rest of feature follows. However, its always a good idea not to restrict yourself in this manner. I have seen so many writers end up paralyzed when theyre unable to put a lead together that the work ends up being stalled. In truth, you can write the lead for your feature any time, even after running the rest of it through your proofreading software.

Types Of Leads

Even leads do have different types and must always know how to determine and use these types of leads into their articles. Most newspaper and magazine features use one of these six different techniques to write leads in their feature articles:

1. Summary leads gives an overview of the subject, answering the basic questions for the reader (who, what, when, where, why, and how) in as succinct a manner as possible. Most of the time, it makes sense to focus on three or less of those questions to keep your opening tight.

2. Salient feature leads put the focus on one particular aspect of the story, giving emphasis to a single specific characteristic of the subject.

3. Case-approach leads use a specific story one representative example to illustrate the point of the feature.

4. Suspense leads introduce the feature, but cut it off right before revealing the big news of the piece. The effect is teasing the reader into perusing the rest of the story.

Source by Jane Sumerset