Karatbars Impulse K1 phone – Intro to Blockchain Technology

The video explains the basics of how Block chain technology works which is at the heart of the new K1 Impulse phone – the worlds first Voice over Blockchain smartphone – ultra secure and ultra sexy these phones are sure to chain the way we think about online communications and as part of the Karatbars “eco system” make it easy to save and trade securely in both pure gold and crypto currencies.

To learn more go to:- https://10kshortcuts.com/k1-impulse-phone/


How to securely buy and save gold on a weekly basis

Since 2011 Karatbars International have been making it easy and affordable for everyday people to be able to purchase and save pure currency grade gold in small denominations.

In this video Brian walks us through how to go about ordering pure gold bars and cashgold products from the Karatbars backoffice – that you have access to when you register for a free account (link below). He also does a price comparison between other popular online gold trading sites and illustrates how Karatbars gold products have better security features and cost less than the competitors.

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Karatbars K1 Impulse Phone – Live Production Process Video

For those doubters and haters out there that are still harping on that Karatbars is a scam and their K1 phones and Cash Exchange Machines are myths – here's a video from the production showing the K1 Impulse phones being manufactured.

There's been a lot of “noise” lately on the Internet with people trying to discredit Karatbars – I suspect that's just because they have some people very nervous – big banks wont like them – they are about to change the way the world conducts business and cut banks out of the equation with their block chain technology.

25,000 K1 Impulse units have already been preordered with an official release date of September 2019 these are sure to be very popular once in circulation.

Right now you can pick up a K1 Impulse bundled with cryptocurrency – A mimimum of 1250 euro's worth KCB Crypto coins, depending upon the package you choose.

You'll have to be quick though as this offer expires 4th September.

To learn more go to: https://10kshortcuts.com/k1info