FINANZIELL FREI in 5 einfachen Schritten – mit Karatbars

Das KaratBars Affiliate System hat in den letzten Jahren tausenden Menschen zur finanziellen Freiheit verholfen. Sie können auch Teil dieser großartigen Erfolgsgeschichte sein.

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The next step into a golden success story is done.

June 2018 – KaratCoin Bank, the licensed bank and the world’s first cryptocurrency bank is established in Miami which has 100 million USD share capital;
July 2018 – Mobile app to manage the gold-covered payment system is created;
August 2018 – Goldmine in Madagascar providing gold reserves of 900 million EUR is bought;
September 2018 – The 1st deposit of 135 kg pure gold is laid down;
October 2018 – The KaratGold Coin Cryptocurrency Exchange to be opened;
December 2018 – Listing of coin on more major exchanges, such as Coinsuper and HitBTC; number of acceptance partners to be increased over 540.000.
By 2020 – Market capitalization will reach 500 million USD.
Only a few months have passed since the ICO was completed. Development rates and perspectives are quite impressive, aren’t they?

KaratGold Coin ICO is perfectly completed now, which confirms the fact that nothing is as reliable and prosperity-guaranteed as gold.
Congratulations to all ICO participants and thank you for your trust.

KaratGold Coin ICO has raised over 100 million USD becoming one of the largest in the history. We went further – we created our own APP Wallet – so you can send and receive Ethereum & KBC tokens instantly with anyone in the world.
In case you’ve missed the chance to take part in the ICO, feel free to join our success story by purchasing KBC on major exchanges.

We don’t dream the future, we create our future already now.


Take your own way of freedom with Karatbars

Financial stability – the feeling of freedom, security and happiness. In our constantly changing world we are seeking for confidence in our future.

Nowadays, our World is changing to Crypto-World with thousands of cryptocurrencies and you need to find your place there not to be lost and to find your own success.

Imagine being in Bitcoin right from the start. With a starting price of 46 cents. Today, despite all the fluctuations, the price is thousands of percent higher. A dreamy return that has given many Earlybirds a carefree life.

But is Crypto-World stable? How can we make it more sure for us? How to get on the top of the world?

We have a revolutionary answer that will change your view and understanding of money – our KaratGold Coin (KBC). It is cryptonized gold that can be transferred borderlessly, cost efficiently, securely and in real-time. The value of gold has a long tradition and its own way to stability. Therefore, the KaratGold Coin has the ability to become generally accepted worldwide.

The Gold mine worth 900 million USD remains in its own possession and takes care of the infrastructure, which in turn ensures the physical gold cover.

The federal and blockchain based cryptobank, Karatcoin Bank which opened at the Independence Day 4th of July in Miami will take care of the stability of the KaratGold Coin.

The KaratGold Coin is a part of a big Ecosystem, that started with the foundation of Karatbars International in 2011 with headquarters and the logistics center located in Stuttgart, Germany. Currently, it is a network with over 500.000 active affiliate partners. The CEO and founder of Karatbars International Harald Seiz was appointed Senator by the German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade.

Karatbars offers the attractive and affordable option for consumers to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion, as well as gold merchandising, collector’s items and gift cards.

Karatbars Gold is a guarantee of quality and value. Each Bar consists of 24 Karat gold, originated by LBMA accredited refineries and provided with forensic markers.

Karatbars is the international market leader by gold in small denominations. Karatbars is the inventor of the unique CashGold. Karatbars is also the creator of the platform to buy directly with gold, called K-Exchange. You can pay with gold in electronic form at checkout in shops and online shops, in over 120 countries worldwide! Everything is possible.

Our five step system for affiliates is simple and doesn’t require any additional knowledge from you. Start earning immediately, work online or offline, don’t pay any monthly fee’s, use the facilities of our long-standing and trusted partners FedEx and Mastercard, face unlimited earning potential, use our support and trainings to improve your skills to earn more.

The Karatbars Affiliate System has changed the life of over 1000s of people in the last years to financial freedom and you can also be a part of this great success story.

Take your chance. Visit our web-site, register free and become a part of the golden era! Take your own way of freedom with Karatbars.


This is a real financial revolution, be a part of it!

The Karatcoin Bank in Miami has already now hundred million US dollar share capable. By buying or selling and trading the KBC Coin you increase the price of it. Every time the price of KBC Coin increases we have to buy gold to backup the value of KBC. The Bank will have profit from the fees that it will take from buying and selling gold. Every time the Bank has profit – there will be release of new gold. The value of KBC Coin will increase, so more people will buy it to sell it for more price to get profit from it. When the price of KBC Coin increases the KBC Coin will need more gold to backup. So, the profit of owner of KBC Coin is a result of increased profit of the Bank itself. This is a new Universe.

This is a real financial revolution, be a part of it! Don’t wait and hesitate too long – with each second our Coins are increasing their value more and more.

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