K-Merchant – Ep 5 – Virtual Terminal – POS

In this Episode you will learn about the Virtual Terminal – POS of the K-Merchant Interface.

The NEW K-Merchant

Accept Crypto Payments just with a simple scan!

Gain access to a transparent and decentralized exchange system on the Blockchain.

Benefits for shop owners/merchants

1. Instant payment to your account

2. Zero volatility on crypto payments

3. Easy tracking and management of payments

4. Multiple POS for each of your locations

5. Accept High Risk Payment for online stores

Customer's convenience

1. A real alternative on credit card payments

2. Anonymous payment for your purchase

3. Lowest payment fees on the market

CEO & Founder of Karatbars International


Gripping! Promotion Video For The New 'Voice over Blockchain' IMpulse K1 Phone!

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Privacy Is The New Order!

Imagine a situation shown in the film: downed, captured, deprived of everything.
What about your valuables, what about your access codes to your assets.
Extremely tense situation, we guess.

If only one thing could be taken for granted: Nobody touches the contents of your phone!

Okay, that's the way it will be from now on!

We are very proud to present you our next generation of communication tools: The all new Impulse K1 Phone.
The most secure mobile phone currently available.

Because it is the first mobile phone using Voice over Blockchain Protocol – if you own it, no one else can use it!

For this reason, the Impulse K1 Phone includes the following security features as standard:

-Fingerprint Scanner
-PIN Lock
-Face ID Access
-Password Lock
-WORM Guard

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CEO & Founder of Karatbars International


“Think Big” – Harald Seiz presents his new book in Berlin

From the very bottom to the top: Harald Seiz had to learn to stand on his own feet at an early age, while mother and grandmother were struggling with alcohol problems. Despite hard setbacks, he always followed his career path. One thing he always held on to: his dream of success and independence. As CEO of Karatbars International, he makes millions today. His new book “Think Big” is now available in stores.


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