Karatbars WHIM Blockchain Laptop – Is This The Most secure laptop in the world?

Karatbars have now announced the WHIM – unhackable, secure PC laptop.

Moving from being just a Gold and Crypto currency company they have now become a true “product company” delivering the ultrasecure K1 Impulse phone, the first Smartphone based on Voice over Blockchain technology.

The WHIM laptop is its PC equivalent.
This ad for the WHIM illustrates those that have a need for security in their data transfers and online transactions/trading can have the peace of mind that regardless of how sophisticated the hackers become, the various levels of security that are built into the WHIM offer bullet proof protection against those attacks.

On presale now – they will ship early 2020.

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News about the CashGold, CEMs and IMpulse K1 phone from Harald Seiz

The K1 Impulse phone from Karatbars International is a game changer in terms of secure communications around the world. The worlds first Voice Over Blockchain protocol secure smart phone has the ability to give users that there conversations and messages and data cannot be hacked.
In this same video Harald announces the exciting Cash Exchange Machines (CEMs) – basically an ATM that allow you to exchange paper money into cashgold or crypto currenc y – very exciting plans ahead!

Go to http://cashgoldclub.com to learn more.


Karatbars Classic Gold Or Cashgold – Which is Better for You?


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Karatbars now gives affiliates and business partners two different tracks – one based around their classic gold cards, the other around cashgold and karat cyrpto products. It's an exciting year ahead AND NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO GET INVOLVED.

In this video my sponsor and friend Brian walks us through the different options and how to maximise the opportunity with Karatbars.