Network Marketing Tips for Guaranteed Success

These are the all around best network marketing tips for success. This check list will not only provide you with a recipe for success with network marketing but success in anything you choose to apply the method to.

I'd say that's pretty powerful stuff eh…?

What many people seem to have trouble grasping is the fact that success it self, be it with business, sports or even academics, has the very same formula. Basically, if you know what it takes to be successful at one thing, you can often apply the very same approach in a different context and duplicate that same kind of success for yourself over and over again.

Network Marketing Tips #1:
This first tip for success is also one of the most difficult to master. Time management may sound like a simple thing, but that's far from the truth of things.

Ask yourself,” how do I spend my average day?” How many hours do you spend working, sleeping, eating, traveling between places, etc.? There are only so many hours in a day. If you work 8 hours, and get 8 hours of sleep, you only have 8 more left to do everything else.

The point I hope to make here is that your time is extremely valuable. The average American watches 4 or more hours of television a day. That 4 hours a day, equals a 28 hours a week that could be spent building your success.

Network Marketing Tips #2:
This second tip is nearly as important as the first. Being able to properly budget your finances is a must for any successful business owner. Being aware of how you spend your valuable resources, like your time and your money, will allow you to decide how to use them to your best advantage.

Also when planning to advertise and promote your business or service, preparing a set budget will help motivate you to promote your business as wisely and effectively as possible.

Network Marketing Tips #3:
This third tip is one that keeps on giving. Be sure to a lot both time and finances toward continuing education with your chosen industry niche. Think of this as an investment that will undoubtedly give you a serious return provided you stick to it.

There are possibly dozens of helpful hints to be lain at your feet in hopes that the right combination will guarantee success for you and your business. However, if you can properly manage your time and you finances as well as maintain the focus to continually increase your business knowledge you will all but have such a guarantee already in hand.

Successfully mastering just these three network marketing tips will require focus, discipline, and dedication. These are characteristics a great majority of successful individuals share. Work hard to develop them within yourself and success is sure to follow.

Source by The Maverick Marketeer

What's, Why's and How's of Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing?

If looked at the basic description of digital marketing, it can be said as, promoting different product, brands, services and species of various items by airing them through various available options like, television, cell phones, social media, emails, messaging, etc. With the passage of time marketing has completely changed. Earlier the selling options lied only in the hands of sellers and the consumers had very limited options due to lack of information. But the availability of internet and its easy access to the ordinary people has not only made them self-educated but increased the competitive level for the majority of the companies. Because of social media and televisions, even smaller insignificant company but possessing strong hands over digital marketing are being able to attract the attention of the buyers. This is what digital marketers do. They draw the attention of the consumers via various tactics whether it be through social media, television, radios, emails or cell phones. 


Why the need for digital marketing?

It is quite evident that digital marketing field changes at an extremely high speed and so does its demands. To keep up with the increasing competitive level of the market, companies must make sure that they have hired some digital marketers to help them cope with the changing requirements. Here are a list of relevant facts that states why companies and firms need digital marketers in their firm.

  • Digital marketing is more affordable as compared to traditional marketing. The positive side of this cheap but effective advertising method is, it has a wider spectrum of audience across the globe.
  • Tracking results have never been so easy. With the advanced technologies, it is possible to analyze the analytics and data of the marketing campaigns organized so far. Although it was not impossible to gather this information during the era of digital marketing, it never means that gathering results were an easier task. So faster the companies can gather these data, the faster they can prepare their strategies as well find their flaws in their previous unsuccessful or less successful campaigns.
  • Increase the number of customers. Today's generation is called as techno freaks. All their works have converted to be technical and reaching those sections of customers; companies need to change their strategies and accept digital marketing.


How to use digital marketing?

There are many digital marketing models available but the question to confuse the most is, which plan to choose and how it will help the firm?

There are four famous models for digital marketing strategy.

Digital Branders

This model is mostly accepted by the companies that produce consumer products or companies indulged in the business of building and renewing brand equity. The main purpose of this model is to attract the attention of the buyers and gain their loyalty. The better the strategy of the company in influencing the mind of the consumers, the more trustworthy they will be in the eye of the customers.

Customer Experience Designers

The companies using this model uses the client data nad view the insights to create a marvelous experience of the brand for the end-to-end user. Finance companies, airlines, hotels, and retailers are the type of companies that completely depends on the customer services and hence uses this model to gain the loyalty of the buyers.

Demand Generators

The companies indulged in the business of producing apps, websites, web pages, social communities, etc., uses this model. The companies using this model pay the majority of their attention in drawing the traffic to their websites, etc.

Product Innovators

This model is used to identify and design the new roll-out of the advanced products emerging into the market. The companies need to interact digitally with their customers to get the insights so that they can work out their strategies accordingly.

Digital marketing will be making a boon in the years to come. Now, that should urge you to opt for a digital media marketing course from dsdm.

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Top Marketing Forums. The Top 5 Forums Online


Top Marketing Forums

Todays Topic: Top Marketing Forums. The Top 5 Forums Online

When you are a new website owner and you are looking at forum marketing it can be difficult to find a proper lead generating forum. This is especially true if you happen to be looking for a specific niche that you can tap into by using forum marketing. The first thing you must do before you find any of these niche sites you need to realize that forum marketing is a skill that must be learned how to be done. If you start out by spamming the boards you will be instantly banned from the forum. There are certain strategies that you need to learn before you even begin to practice forum marketing. After you have achieved this there are 5 common forums that business owners are finding useful in their forum marketing campaign. Top Marketing Forums

1. Conquer your niche
This is one of the more popular forum marketing sites. The creator of this site is Russell Brunson who is one of the top internet marketers. Russell's forum has been at the top of the charts for several years now. One of the greatest benefits of this forum is that it has a referral program as well as an ad rotation. What this basically means is that you will get paid while you are surfing and interacting on the forum. So not only will you get paid for the clicks you will receive from your signature line but you will also get paid for posting. This is a great way to earn a double income.

2. Warrior forum
This forum is one of the biggest online for forum marketing. You will find home based workers from all over the world located on this forum. This forum also has a built in ad program that you can use to promote your product.

3. Better networker
This forum was created by Mike Dillard who is one of the best internet marketers and has been for the past 5 years. His forum is growing daily with several home based business owners joining. This site provides the business owner with a homey and friendly atmosphere which puts them more at ease than just about any other site that is out there.

4. Rich Dad
This site is dominated by real-estate workers, entrepreneurs and other business owners among others. This forum is mainly filled though with people who have bought one of Robert Kiyosaki's books.

5. Work at home forum
This is the one forum that first appears on the search engines. It has work at home businesses from all over the world as members. It is not as popular as the other four but is equally as important.

There you have it the top 5 forum marketing forums that are available to you. Do not forget to honor the rules of the forum that you choose.

Source by Phillip C Cordwell

Top 6 Marketing Tips for Selling More Wine

With the vast selection of quality wines in Portugal, how can a small or lesser-known wine brand stand out from the pack, be visible and increase sales?

This was the “million” dollar question looming over the minds of the producers we met at the Lisbon Wine show in November. We’ve had these folks on our mind and thought we’d focus on a few key marketing points that could help this important industry.

The New Playbook selling wine

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The 6 Key Points:

First and foremost, two necessary ingredients must exist: You have to love what you do: making great wine. And second: You need to communicate and share the quality of your craft.

Since Portuguese wines have quality, uniqueness and diversity, they’re able to compete against many international brands, so quality is not the issue. Recognition however is another story, and this unfortunately comes down to lack of good marketing. So the real issue isn’t the product, but the right marketing and communication strategy for our new, highly informed and connected generation.

Once the first two ingredients are in place, here’s what’s next:

01: Understanding your ideal customer
02: A creative name
03: Label design
04: Website
05: Blogging

1) Your Ideal Customer
First and foremost, consumers are looking for good wines to pair with food. Today, consumers are more sophisticated and informed than ever before, hence their food choices are more dynamic and experimental. So, small and lower priced wine producers need to throw out the old playbook – and assess the right market for their wine. A good example are the folks behind Wine That Loves

Producers need to decide what type of customer they want to appeal too, and who they don’t. What got my attention at the Lisbon Wine Fair was that 95% of the wines had the allure of a high-end snooty type (the likes of 100+ Euro bottles), yet a large percentage were very reasonable and wonderful. This clearly demonstrates few wines are marketed at younger drinkers who buy reasonably priced bottles, but buy often. So a strong market who is ready and looking to buy regularly, is over looked – for one that’s highly competitive, limited and already saturated.

As a wine enthusiast, with some wine-jargon, and a customer of “reasonably” priced bottles, I would use these words to describe wine in more modern terms: fun, sexy, spicy, fresh, adventurous … however at the fair, 99% of the wines communicated:

Serious, traditional, stuffy, snooty – from branding message to wine name and labeling. Few deviated from the “traditional” theme, but the few who did, definitely got noticed! So let’s be honest, not every wine is “serious, traditional and stuffy” and that’s ok — some wines should be wonderfully bold, fresh and new to appeal to a new customer. Communicating individual character in creative new ways is the path to the new wine drinkers lips, and the parting of the red wine seas of “serious” wines.

Here’s a solution: When marketing wine, producers should look at their ideal drinkers through personas, then make sure they communicate to the needs and wants of this group.

2) A Creative Name
Choosing the right name is a delicate science similar to producing the wine. The wrong name on a bottle could completely turn off the targeted customer.

Today’s customers tend to be more traveled and informed, yet less formal. We want to be surprised, delighted and have our pallet tickled with a creative edge and freshness, so naming and labeling a wine is vital to its marketability.

Here’s three examples:

1. Fat Bastard Wines
2. Dirty Laundry
3. Dancing Bull

Two key points when it comes to naming:
01: individual and unique
02: not overly difficult to pronounce.

3) Bottle design and story
Imagine standing in front of a shop, with endless rows of wine bottles and having to pick a wine for dinner. This is a nerve wracking experience for most people, so one of two things happens:

01: they pick up the same bottle they always do or
02: take a huge leap of faith and bet on something new.

Part of the goal in marketing a wine is seducing the customer. Since potential buyers can’t taste the wine, the bottle design and labeling needs to communicate cues of visual sensory to help attract a potential customer. If a customer isn’t seduced by the bottle, branding and label, then the sale is lost, and only hope is personal recommendations.

As cost is always a factor, we recommend a simple bottle with a creative, clean and beautifully designed label. This doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, see how a successful Portuguese producer turned his children’s art work into a wonderful wine label:

Wine Label

Key points to remember for bottle labeling & design:

01: Tell a story about the wine
02: Help solve the shopper’s problem by giving suggestions for food pairings
03: Don’t assume the customer knows how to pair wines with food
04: Label design should be fun, different and aimed at the ideal market group

4) Web Strategy
To date, Portuguese wines haven’t taken advantage of promoting themselves through the web. This is a mistake! The web is the key source of information for today’s culinary aware and those looking to learn more. This is an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

The good news – the web is here to stay, so wine producers can turn the web into their best friend and take advantage by quickly reaching millions of people…real people, who love to drink wine! It all starts with a dynamic website and visibility strategy that is loved by humans and respected by search engines.

5) Blogging
Blogging doubled Stormhoek sales in less than twelve months.

Blogging scares and intimidates many, but it shouldn’t. A smart producer has two options: become friendly with the wine blogging community, or start one himself, we actually recommend both. This is a fantastic way to get closer to customers first hand.

A well-designed blog can be an invaluable marketing tool:
01: Help build a community around your wine
02: Higher search engine rankings
03: Media & press exposure
04: Better brand recognition
05: Low cost

If you’re unsure about blogging and would like to know how to star a blog, or would like us to set one up for you, contact us. We also recommend, you read this article.

Here are examples of good Wine blogs:
01: Pinot Blogger

Adegga is a play on the word “adega” (only one “g”) which means cellar in Portuguese.

It is a place where friends come together to talk, share and learn about wine.

For Portuguese wine producers, here you have a captive audience of Portuguese wine drinkers and this would be an opportunity to get feedback about your wine, build a relationship with a group of influencers and naturally from this will come word of mouth. If your wine has all the ingredients in place, then naturally it will be talked about and people will carry that conversation offline at cafes, dinners, lunches and etc.

If you don’t know where to start, go to and get your wine’s listed for free.

If you’re serious about selling more wine nationally, across Europe or around the globe, then by all means get started on the above. And if you need our help, we will be more than happy to advise and help you with each step.

Source by Moses Mehraban

Best Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

At the beginning of each year, there are always a lot of prediction and interest for “what's hot and what's not” in the market trends. In today's age of internet marketing, everybody is putting efforts on maintaining a strong digital presence. Having a website is not enough, there are so many other things to consider for generating quality leads and interacting with existing customers. How to do it? The answer is simple- Digital Marketing. It should be implemented across all the online channels and should be managed in such a way that it would work like a funnel for converting leads and keeping your audiences engaged.

Digital marketing is not as easy as it sounds. It needs a whole team of professionals to handle all the matters that matter to your brand name and online visibility. In case your organization doesn't have this team then it is time you should consider hiring a digital marketing agency. They will boost your existence online by employing analytical strategy in a smart and reliable way, which in turn will drive maximum ROI.  In addition, they will work in sync with your own marketing department to make sure everything goes on track.

However, it is important to look for the best digital marketing agency that can be dedicated towards your organization and can interact with your audiences along with staying updated with the latest digital industry trends and honing online experience for your potential customers. Each department of a digital marketing agency keeps coordinating with each to create a marketing campaign that will take your business to a new high.

Chief Marketing Officer

Once you decide to work with a digital marketing agency, the chief marketing office will discuss with you about your expectation and goals, and more importantly how to grow your online presence effectively that will drive more sales in no time. The job of this marketing officer is to understand the nature of your business and shape the marketing strategy in a unique way. A dedicated team will be following this unique strategy by setting a realistic timeline of expected result duration. The team will further gauge the brand involvement and work accordingly to harness best option for your business.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers play a vital role in measuring all the graphs. They look into your marketing insights and work on make strategy for SEO, SMM, PPC, etc. They also get regularly in touch with you to give you updates about your marketing plans and on goings regularly. They further inform you about what's being completed and what about to.



Strategy Team

The plan that keeps your marketing campaign alive and running is actually prepared by this team. Strategy team continuously interacts with your audiences discreetly and tries to find out their nature and motif, the insights of which is to be used later for necessary changes in the marketing plan.

SEO Team

This team is responsible for an extensive range of online curation and optimization. SEO team includes different members with diverse specializations. As majority of your organic traffic comes from search engines, this team's top priority is to optimize your keyword to achieve higher ranking that will drive traffic to your website.

PPC Team

This team takes care of paid search and display advertising and makes sure that you have a noticeable presence in the search engine result pages. Visitors generally visit a website once for a products or services, if they see that particular website's advertisement elsewhere; they will definitely be the part of the conversion, which makes PPC a vital tool for businesses. 

SMM Team

The social media marketing (SMM) team's responsibility is to keep an eye on how you r brand is performing over social media platforms. This is very important for a digital marketing campaign as social media drives more traffic than any other means of marketing. So SMM team will keep a vigilant eye on the social media channels and post contents when the audiences are most active.

From B to C and B2B to ecommerce, the need of digital marketing is inevitable for any business. It's no more seen as a luxury, it rather considered as a necessity. With the rapid shift of internet in last 2 decades, it has changed the users' approach towards online business. If you are not putting consistent efforts on digital marketing then your business will be overlooked and you will lose your customer to your competitors.  So choose best digital marketing company Bangalore for growth of your business.

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Top 6 ways that b2b marketing is just like dating

The role of sales and marketing has changed drastically over the years especially with the enormous amount of information you can find on the internet. But what hasn't changed is human nature.

People are skeptical and don't want to feel like they are being sold a bag of goods (or bads). They want a true partnership. That's pretty much the same for dating. Dating is all about building a relationship with someone. You get to know each other, build trust, and if it's a good fit……you sail off into the sunset.

Today's B2B marketing is all about open/honest communication and building relationships. And if done properly, will result in a committed and ongoing relationship that doesn't end in divorce.

Here are the top 6 ways that marketing is just like dating:

In the dating world, if you met someone but only talked about YOURSELF, and how great YOU are, and how everybody just looooooves YOU……….you probably wouldn't get a second date.

Many marketers focus on their company and products first and the customer second. Think about how often you hear phrases like, “WE'RE the industry leader” or “OUR innovative technology.” That approach is very self-serving and can actually rub customers the wrong way. Customers want to hear how your product or service will affect THEM.

In marketing, you should ALWAYS be thinking about the customers' needs first. Take a look at some of the marketing materials you use regularly. Do they talk more about you than what you can do for them? If so, time to create some new materials!

Think about online dating sites and how you have to browse through tons of pictures and profile descriptions looking for that perfect match (hmmmmm……that sounds a lot like researching a product). You read the same flattering descriptions over and over. It sure sounds good but I wouldn't go booking the church just yet.

Now imagine if the online dating profile was actually a true representation of a person. Instead of “kids and dogs love me,” you might read things like “I get irritable easy” or “I spend most weekends on a drinking binge.” Knowing the truth would make dating a whole lot easier.

And think of all the time you would save if you had a clear picture of your potential partner upfront. You could decide early on if the other person has characteristics that are deal-breakers or if you can live with their flaws. Same goes for business relationships. Don't ever misrepresent your product/service. Lay your cards on the table and let the customer decide if there are deal breakers. You might be surprised how understanding customers can be of your shortcomings, as long as you're upfront about it.

Now you may be thinking that you can paint yourself in a fabulous light and hide your “crazy” til after you close the deal. Newsflash! Your “crazy” will come out sooner than you think and the relationship will most likely end poorly. This goes for your personal AND professional life.

One of the downfalls of online dating is that there aren't any reviews you can read. How great would that be??

John/Jane Doe was polite and on-time but used excessive profanity – Rating: 2.5 stars.

BUT if a friend fixes you up with someone, you can get their honest opinion and ask screening questions like “would YOU date him/her?” or “are there any red flags I should worry about?” When you get that kind of honest feedback, you feel much more comfortable with your decision to pursue a relationship. You may not realize this but in the business world, that's a REFERRAL.

In a survey by Nielson, 92% of respondents trusted referrals that came from people they knew and were 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend. I predict that referrals and reviews will eliminate the need for much of B2B paid advertising in the near future.

In a relationship we want someone who makes us a better person. Well think about what your customers want. They want products or services that will in some way improve their professional life. That's the foundation for content marketing.

Content marketing is the process for creating and distributing content that is relevant and valuable to your customers. It's not totally altruistic though – the objective is to drive profitable customer action. But that's where ‘mutually beneficial' comes into play.

If you can help your customers be successful, you will not only have a long-lasting relationship… will have an ally who will sing your praises. I guarantee it!

If you share too much information too early you run the risk of scaring off your potential partner.

With marketing, timing is very important. There are certain phases of the buyer journey and you have to introduce the right information at the right time. For example, if you are talking to a potential customer for the very first time you don't want to talk pricing or discounts. That's the equivalent of talking marriage on the first date! Can you say ‘RED FLAGS'?

There's a time and place for everything. Understand your customer's buying journey and match up your marketing materials to the different phases of the journey so you know what to send and when to send it.

A booty call in the B2B world is when you only reach out to your customers at the end of the quarter to try to sell something in order to meet your sales quota. NOBODY wants to be on the receiving end of a booty call!

Effective sales and marketing professionals have an ongoing dialogue with their customer base. That doesn't necessarily mean daily emails or birthday cards (although that is a nice touch), but you should be communicating regularly.

When you break it down it's pretty simple. Instead of trying to show someone why they should pick you, start a dialogue to see if you're a good fit for EACH OTHER.

Source by Kelli Turner