Starting a new medical practice or growing an existing practice can be a stressful experience.  Let's face it…competition is high in all areas of the medical field.  Small practices are popping up all over the place. Most doctors leave medical school with years of education on medicine, not marketing.  Finding ways of maximizing your marketing or advertising budget is key to achieving success in practice marketing.

Promotional products are a marketing medium that will help you achieve maximum ROI.  Why?  Promotional products are used over and over again, which keeps your practice name and information top-of-mind with the recipient, and also gives your practice exposure to all who come in contact with the product.  Imagine how many impressions an average tote bag receives each day.  Promotional products are also often passed from one recipient to another, continuing to maximize your brand exposure.

Make sure you include not only your practice name, but your telephone number as well on every promotional item you give out.  Include your web site address, if you have one. Keep your contact information front and center so there is no excuse not to get in touch.

Take note of these tips on using promotional products and incorporate them into your practice marketing strategy.

Launch a direct mail campaign. Whether your office is just starting out, or you are looking for new patients, direct mail is a relatively inexpensive e marketing vehicle with good tracking capabiities.  Select a target audience, offer an incentive, and include an easily mailable product such as a magnet with a calendar, a small notepad or a pen with your contact information imprinted on it.

Attend health fairs at local businesses. Many local businesses hold yearly health fairs for their employees.  This is a great way to get your name out and interact with potential clients.  Set up a booth with information about your practice.  Give out pedometers, custom-shaped stress relievers or tote bags to all in attendance.

Initiate a series of educational open houses. Advertise the series in the local paper, invite patients and prospective patients, and encourage them to bring a friend. Speak about a topic of interest.  Hand out educational materials included in a portfolio or attached to  a printed clipboard with an accompanying pen. This will position you as a provider that educates, not just treats patients and sends them out the door.

Implement a customer referral program. Learning about a new health practice from a trusted source is important in the patient decision making process.  Encourage your patients to refer a friend to your office.  Give each customer who refers a friend a travel mug with a gift card to a local coffee shop inserted inside.

Send out a customer survey. This will help you learn what your patients need and want from you, which will help your overall business.  As a thank you for completing the survey, send fitness duffel and a coupon for a something special for their next appointment.

With a little creativity, the options of using promotional products to help advertise your medical practice are endless. And, you will find that promoting your practice w  prove to be both profitable and  fun!

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Source by Erin Lewis