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Karatbars Business Packages

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Karatbars Premium & Business Packages Explained

Looking for a great way to work from home and build a residual income?

With Karatbars Business Packages you are “plugging into” a quality product, with a truly global audience and support from fantastic people.

Karatbars have a proven track record of paying their business partners on time every week, without fail for the past 7 years.

Privately owned and commercially stable they have established a network of well established international delivery partners including Fedex International for secure delivery to over 120 countries around the world and Mastercard International.

They recently also purchased their own gold mine to ensure continuity of supply to their growing base of customers around the globe. 

Their affiliate system is second to none.

You get paid on a weekly basis onto a Mastercard that allows you to access those funds pretty much anywhere in the world. 

You pay once for a business package and then begin earning commission and rewards for referring others.

There are no ongoing monthly fees, sales a targets, products to hold etc.

The business model is beautifully simple. 

Harald's Vision (the founder and CEO of Karatbars) is to make gold accessible to everyday people and thereby helping them to secure their economic future if the currency systems that we know today fail us – and lets face it, its happened before.

Right now they have an exciting incentive included in their business packages and that's the inclusion of their exciting KCB coins – its basically a crptocurrency thats backed by gold.  

The value in each karabars business package far weighweighs the purchase price. 

Watch the video, decide which level you are comfortable starting with today and click here to register as an affiliate.

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