ALTCOINS MAKING MOVES // CryptoCurrency Market News // Crypto Altcoins

A few altcoins have been making some serious moves over the last 24 hours in the CryptoCurrency market!
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35 thoughts to “ALTCOINS MAKING MOVES // CryptoCurrency Market News // Crypto Altcoins”

  1. Top irony. You push cancer regulation AND Genesis Vision who banned us customers because YOUR beloved banker written laws. You deserve that ahole. Decentralized is the future, f regulation coins and those who push them, hope all your holding get cease and desist orders, flash crash in minutes.

  2. Hey mate can dive into elastos, would be good for viewers to understand its capacity. Great stuff thank you

    Cyber republic
    Empower 35
    Million nodes through ioex speakers
    Million nodes TV boxes
    Merge mining with btc
    META alliance
    Access to 500 million zapya users
    A grade Team
    Internet of value , code and wealth
    Mainnet complete
    Side / friend chains
    Low supply

    ELA TOP3

  3. Cool I got an assload of Babb I never check it. I don’t like trying to spend all that fuel to trade. I don’t get it on bancor. So I hodl Babb and collect my pundi x kickbacks for holding on that wallet. Pundi is growing. I used to get a couple hundred kick backs each month. Now it’s over 500 a month kick backs. That can only mean that pundi is getting these scanners I. More and more stores. That’s bullish news to me.

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