Crypto After Dark #8 – Remrod The Director (

Hello WrenchGang,

I am able to be reached by email which can be found on our “About” Page on Youtube located at the link below

I can also be contacted by all members of our Patreon via direct message on Patreon.

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Due to some issues behind the scenes and in order to protect my well being and my families well being I have been forced to disable comments and chat on our Youtube videos.

We have also disabled our Twitter account. This will allow our broadcasts to stay on topic and not be interrupted by people who do not contribute to our conversation in a positive manner. I have done as much as I can to ward off the situation but it has reached a point now where I cannot let it continue. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to resume our conversations in the chat but for right now that is not possible.

I appreciate each and everyone of you that has supported the show since day one and continues to support. Your not in this alone I am right here with you guys all the time.

Note*** I am not a financial advisor and by no means should even be consider an expert in how to manage your money. I do these shows to have open conversations about the shape of the crypto markets and sometimes share my own personal opinion on how the markets might behave in the future.


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