Crypto Crash // When Bullish Reversal? // CryptoCurrency Market News

The crypto market has seen a flash crash today. But is there hope for a bullish reversal anytime soon? CryptoCurrency Market News!
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42 thoughts to “Crypto Crash // When Bullish Reversal? // CryptoCurrency Market News”

  1. This will take a while to recover. Bitcoin broke market structure, because it was bouncing everytime it hit 6k. Now it fell below 6k and will possibly test 4-5k in the near future.

  2. I had just bought some BTC st 5.7k then went to work and saw that thing way low. I panicked for a bit but I mean so many positive crypto news and yet this happens?? 0x4a3789fdc310c2cffe94acee2c71f5a0524c4c0b

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