Karatbars Combo Packs

November Promotion

Combo Packs 
This incentive is based around the combo packs and the combo offer ends on 25th November too. This is just another great reason to promote these packages.

1. Combo Packs
I'll use the 15k as an example….. Apart from the Frankfurt incentive and 278,571 KCB!!.. a 15k Combo pack contains €7500 of KBC at approx €0.015 which is 500,000 KBC. 
100 KBC will be worth 1g of gold on 4th July next year so that's 5000 grams of gold! 

(€200,000 at today's gold price) 
Combo packs are definitely the no brainer purchase! 3k, 5k, 8k or 15k it doesn't matter. The KBC alone make them a fantastic buy! 

Add in the incentive and VIP status for 8k and 15k and they are a great way of getting started with Karatbars. 
My advice is to put 100% of your effort into promoting these for the next three weeks. Combos are only for sale for another 19 days so please don't miss out on this chance.  2. Cashgold 
With all this talk about exchanges and coins I think many people have missed the fact that we now sell the best 0.1g – 6g priced physical gold on planet earth! 
Approximately €40, $45 , £35 for a gram of physical gold from an LBMA accredited refinery with all the security features cannot be matched by any other company out there. 
For five years I was selling 1 gram for €50+ because we price matched all similar companies. 

Bullion by Post in the UK were selling for £49 per gram and we were £50 but with better security features, free storage and a nicer product. 
NOW WE CAN BEAT THEM BY £14 PER GRAM! Just take a second to think about that!  The gold price is rising again , its becoming news again and we have it at the best price.

It Gets Better 
In the past month we have had several enquiries from people who want to buy millions of dollars in cashgold. This new low price is attracting huge buyers…

Someone in the USA can buy $1million usd cashgold, load it to his wallet, transfer it for free to another country in seconds and the person in the other country can have the gold delivered. 
Cashgold and Karatpay make it possible to move large amounts of money around the world in seconds! No waiting around for banks, large fee's, interferance, jumping through hoops, easy global money transfer. 
You can transfer Bitcoin but you can't have it delivered. You can't lodge money in many banks or use many cards to buy Bitcoin… that's where Cashgold and Karatpay has the edge! 
No bank or card company stops anyone buying cashgold.. It's just gold! 

Let me give you another example to get your imagination going
Cannabis businesses can sell Cannabis where it is legal in states such as Colorado but they can't put the cash into banks because the proceeds are from Cannabis. Its legal at state level but not federal level. 

We have the solution
Mr Cannabis shop owner uses his cash to buy cashgold which is fine. He sets up the purchase in his Karatbars back office, lodges the cash into Karatbars USA Wells Fargo account. 
He can now convert his cashgold to USD on our exchange, keep it there, pay for more cannabis if he can get his supplier on board, transfer it globally etc.. . Big problem solved! 

He can also get all his cannabis shop customers to register as Karatbars/Karatpay accout holders. They can load their accounts with cashgold and pay for their cannabis with Karatpay so removing the need for cash over time. 
This is the perfect solution for the cannabis industry but also for many businesses. 
Do you know anyone in the Cannabis industry? Give them a call! Get them on the phone with me and ill show them how to set it all up. 
You could have all the turnover from their shops and customers in your Karatbarsbusiness! Millions of dollars! 

If there was no Cryptocurrency and we were still just a physical gold company our new gold price would be global news. Once the gold people realise what we have our turnover is going to go through the roof. 
I hope that gives you some food for thought today! 
Please avoid all the noise out there on social media and concentrate on Combo packages until the 25th of November and being in Frankfurt on 30th November. Be mindful of the huge opportunities cashgold/Karatpay have given us too. 

To learn more simply go here: https://10kshortcuts.com/kbars-signup

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