Linda Coin Interview with CTO Stephen Newton – LindaX – MyStakingWallet – MyNodePool

Hello everyone and welcome back to Crypto News TV! Today we are joined by a special guest Stephen Newton. Stephen is the CTO at Linda Coin and their other organizations.

Within the Linda Coin Interview, we discuss various topics such as the up and coming LindaX Network, advantages to LindaX over Ethereum, Staking Linda Coin, Atomic Swaps, My Staking Pool, and other projects by Linda Coin.

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45 thoughts to “Linda Coin Interview with CTO Stephen Newton – LindaX – MyStakingWallet – MyNodePool”

  1. Great, informative interview and a great project with a team that seems to be highly active and working hard every day to further their coin. I first invested in Linda back in December 2017 and continue to buy more as time goes on. Lb4SKUB74GLdVK6q5UG8SszRk3Ggm9fFjs

  2. I’ve been part of the Linda project community for almost 9 months now… and have loved every day of it. Incredibly positive community, hard-working and supporting team, and awesome mn/staking rewards!! I don’t have much money but Linda has already been lifechanging for me and I truly believe we’re just getting started. Thank you for this interview.


  3. LINDA Welcome to TOP 100 !!

    Coin LINDA turns out to be correct according to guesses and expectations.

    I have been following LINDA since the price of 5 satoshi and gradually increased investment when prices dropped to 1 satoshi. It doesn't feel now it's ranked 91 at the price of 24 satoshi with a marketcap value of $ 16,995,957. Wow … !!

    The good performance of LINDA Developers and support from the community, LINDA prices will continue to increase, in addition to the wider adoption of the market. I think LINDA is fit to enter the premium market: Bittrex, Binance, Poloniex and personally I hope to enter Indodax market. And we also hope the LINDA Developer team can negotiate with Yobit, so they activate the wallet.

    I still remember the beginning of the LINDA coin being launched, the Developer team has the dream that LINDA will be able to match DOGE.

    In order to reach the Top 20 ranking and equal to DOGE, at least LINDA needs to increase by about 28 times the price of 24 satoshi or have to reach 691 satoshi prices, so the marketcap value will be $ 492,634,509 slightly above DOGE if the BTC price is $ 6,482.28.

    So, don't forget to invest in LINDA before you are late. Cheers $$

  4. Guys putting hella alot of work! 👍. Like the team keeping a bit of control on what goes on lindax too instead of just grabbing $$$. Well done guys linda this year is stepped up big time!

  5. Good interview again! Every time I watch an interview with the $Linda team I get more confidence in the team and know it's going to be a success. I first bought $Linda in January 2017 and since then I only bought more. I really encourage people to watch this interview and visit or join our discord!

  6. The Linda Coin Project is definitely the sleeper you're looking for! LU837iS9Xjd9PXK4jLWVnB4gvzyGc82J3D They have one touch master nodes. They have MyNodePool if you want help staking coins more effectively. 24 hour contact with the team members on Discordapp. They make Crypto easy and user friendly. They are assisting other coins/platforms growing the crypto community which means they will be around for a long time.

  7. The Linda team is doing an amazing job! I really like how they are setting everything up so legitimate companies and businesses can have somewhere reliable to go to rather than getting scammed elsewhere, and know they can rely on the Linda team to be there for them. I also love how they have addressed and are working on making this scalable and quicker transactions.

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