Most Secure Crypto Wallet – CryptoCurrency Ultimate Wallet – Ecomi ICO Review

This is the most secure crypto wallet in the cryptocurrency space today! Check out the Ecomi ICO in our review!
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41 thoughts to “Most Secure Crypto Wallet – CryptoCurrency Ultimate Wallet – Ecomi ICO Review”

  1. Cool, but the FuzeX card essentially is the same. No collectibles or vault though. Think the FuzeX team is better as well

  2. Sounds more convenient than ledger etc, need to know more about token price, total quantity, road map etc. Sounds interesting but need a full review, this was a shallow dive compared to your normal work.


  3. Hi Max Zach and Friends,
    Please let me win i need it for my daughter! Thanks for the show
    Greetings from Holland
    LTC: LRiy53NsPRRepUNscty4js4JkwLL4Bnh3D

  4. The roadmap wasn't overly ambitious, I like the idea of a card vs usb, and although I am sure US citizens are most likely not going to be able to participate, the fact that a $500+ investment will include a card is a nice touch.


  5. I'd hate to lose my wallet, I'll stick with coinomi, ethos, or enjin until I see a need for a physical wallet, I don't want physical wallets, that's why I love crypto, I can access my wallets from wherever I want, on any device: Lc8TsyiBAtjQx53WAbcRqhoB8DDdarWEN6

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