Ripple to $8? – Ripple CryptoCurrency Price Prediction – XRP Crypto News

Will Ripple hit $8? Could Ripple XRP CryptoCurrency hit $21?! Let's do ALL the math and see what it would take. Crypto News!
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40 thoughts to “Ripple to $8? – Ripple CryptoCurrency Price Prediction – XRP Crypto News”

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  2. Bought Ripple at $1.04. Right now I'm just waiting for the price to get back to where I'm breaking even, nevermind making profit. That said I've little doubt by December it'll be well above a dollar.


  3. Ripple really was meant to do great things but with all the FUD about getting sued is really pushing people away.. Not to mention the whole "ripple isn't decentralized!" gang spreading even more FUD.. Great video as usual man and thanks for the LTC drop: LfLYcfb9xrPMbV4HJDYF5hqCPmNZhKnBz8

  4. Man I forget how many people arbitrarily hate XRP and anyone talking about it. The one company with real partnerships and everyone freaks out when ppl are like yeah this is going to blow up.. obviously..

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  6. I just hope it goes higher then I bought it at $2.00 yikes need to get my money back! Keep up the good work love this channel.

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  8. I think that all the serious projects will sooner or later hit some price levels that for now seem so far away. It is anyway just a matter of time, patience will be rewarded.


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