Turn 3k into 25k in 8months!

This is an incredible offer!

Basically ANYONE can turn €3000 into €25,000 in eight months with a 3k pack or €15,000 into €250,000 with a 15k pack just from the free KBC in each pack.

It really is that simple and is backed up by a guarantee from Harald Seiz himself.  
“You will be able to exchange 100KBC for 1g of gold on 4th July 2019”
I have known Harald for over five years and he does not make promises he can't keep let alone guarantees!  I have never heard him use the word before!
He already knows how he can do it and will be breaking it down for everyone in Frankfurt at the end of the month. 
Everything he said he was going to do since 2011 he has done without exception, I can only go by someones track record and my own experiences. I have seen or heard nothing that makes me think otherwise. 
He already has much of the physical gold he needs to back the coin, that we already know. 

What I found out over the weekend is that he is currently in Africa sourcing even more gold to add to the 70,000kg he has already secured!  There is a lot going on behind the scenes. 

Does Harald need to have 1g of physical gold to back every coin? 
No, of course not. (Does every bank have all of its depositors money to hand all the time?) He can have a percentage of it because not everyone is going to exchange their KBC on 4th July. The gap between what he has and what he needs would be covered by insurance, bank guarantees etc. 

Why has the price of KBC not gone up more?
The only people buying are Karatbars people and they are all buying from within Karatbars/Karatgold. If I look at my own group I can't name a dozen people who are into Crypto or who have accounts on Crypto exchanges. 90% are gold people who found a way to buy crypto without going on an exchange. 95%+ don't own a single other crypto coin. 
No external advertising has been started yet so apart from Karatbars affiliates no one really knows about KBC yet. The press have been invited to Frankfurt and a huge marketing budget is there to be used. I think it is wise to advertise a finished ecosystem rather than a half finished one so waiting for me is better. 

What if the price of KBC goes to $1+ ? 
If that happens no one will want to exchange 100 KBC for 1g of gold so Harald won't need to have all the gold to back 100KBC to 1g anyway! The problem of actually having all the physical gold is now gone. 
Harald is still determined to secure enough gold to have 1 KBC = 1gram of gold.. And he will do it. 100 KBC to 1g is just the start. 
One Bitcoin is backed by nothing but is $5000+ ….KBC is a coin backed by physical gold. I think the likelihood of it going past €0.40 is, in my opinion very high! 

This is a life changing offer!
I created this video for you today which breaks it down into simple terms. It shows you how much each package costs and what the KBC will be worth come July 2019. 

Purchase your Combo Package now by clicking here.

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