VR Cities & VR Bars? – Blockchain CryptoCurrency VR – CEEK ICO Review

VR Cities and VR Bars? Blockchain cryptocurrency VR with CEEK ICO! ICO Review!
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31 thoughts to “VR Cities & VR Bars? – Blockchain CryptoCurrency VR – CEEK ICO Review”

  1. ETH address: 0x61fd15f8b00fe583910d793fed25398c794cb945 … Rats! Looks like I may have missed the ETH giveaway, but just saw "Ready Player One" at the movies Lol, and this puts me in the mind of that!! Sounds like a really good project! Glad I clicked on this video….would love to get in on something early, that could take off! Thx great video

  2. The team and advisers are INCREDIBLE! I'd probably buy this on the strength of these alone. Finally I think you found a winner ICO here. Only one problem here (and it's pretty big): "The Token Sale is Open to Non US Residents Only"

    ETH: 0x6Bbc8d8f5b45BFf80052AF208807E2Ac77d63731

  3. "Ready player one" – this is great. A way bit to early for me to get excited about it with my real $$$. Nothing wrong with shooting big though. – 0xe2191C3Bc9E9Ededfa590616AE1ffFA5196DFe42

  4. On the fence about CEEK. It will all depend on how it is implemented i suppose. Defeats the purpose of the reason why people go to concerts and similar events.


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